About Us

Corporate Overview

With over 30-years’ experience building robust, mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products, our software services, ERP Solutions and implementation expertise is second to none. This depth of skill gives me the confidence that our staff, and the staff of our partners, will professionally review your business needs and deliver a complete, successful and appropriate solution using our industry expertise.

Unlike many in our industry, we are team of Professionals with expertise in ERP, Business Process Modeling, and Progress Software development that allows us to deliver the tools that enable you to excel and prosper in your business. We understand that you need to manage critical data both within and beyond your enterprise.  HiTech Solutions provides an architectural framework that puts you and your staff in control of your business in a reliable, cost effective and flexible way.

Indeed, while our customers have derived their own specific benefits from implementing our solutions, it would be fair to say that all of them have realized staff productivity gains, improved their customer service, gained a clearer idea of their bottom line and achieved an accelerated return on their software investment. We have demonstrated this many times over, so I have no doubt that when you partner with HiTech Solutions, you will achieve similar benefits in your business.  HiTech Solutions incorporates many innovative features that drive business benefits and our architectural and business logic is continually improved so you can expect to derive similar benefits from your investments for years to come.

I invite you to contact me for a more detailed review of how adopting HiTech Solutions can assist your business. Alternatively, please feel free to email me directly at your convenience.
I look forward to meeting with you personally and welcoming you into the HiTech Solutions community.