QAD System Monitoring/Performance


HiTech Solutions have developed various Performance Reporting Tools to help customers determine their system performance.  The QAD® System Performance review is a performance tuning service for your QAD System.  This review is conducted by an expert QAD, Progress Consultant and will help you get the most out of your hardware and software resources by tuning your system for optimal performance.  The QAD System Performance Review focuses on areas affecting your total system’s performance.


The QAD System Performance Review addresses:

We often find that companies that are using QAD applications on-premise require QAD System Monitoring/Performance.   We are aware when the customer is not using the QAD System to its fullest extent. In essence, they are not realizing the return on their QAD investment. Rather than trying to do the internal analysis and justification on their own with limited resources and competing projects, HiTech Solutions can provide an expert view of what it will take to implement your QAD enterprise applications. We provide a realistic cost estimate and schedule.

HiTech Solutions can help you maximize your investment with QAD by providing you QAD Services and Solutions from our Expert QAD System Monitoring and Performance team.