QAD Upgrades


HiTech Consultants have performed over 200+ QAD® and Progress® Installations, implementations, Upgrades on UNIX, LINUX and WINDOWS operating systems.   Our consultants are experts with Progress OpenEdge, QAD, UNIX, LINUX, third party software integrations, application development, and custom enhancements.

The process employed by HiTech Solutions to accomplish QAD System Upgrades and conversions have been successfully utilized many times to upgrade QAD Systems.  Our consultants are trained and certified for QAD Upgrades.

We meet with you and your project team to develop a project plan that focuses on your objectives.  We perform a comprehensive analysis of your existing business processes and technical environment to determine its strengths and weaknesses. We encourage our clients to improve and steamline business processes during the QAD Upgrade processes. 

Using the information we gather, we develop an analysis to compare your existing processes and technical infrastructure to an updated system based on your current version of QAD.  The next steps are to create a project plan to map out the QAD conversion.  At this stage we review integration issues, discuss previous version modifications, develop a training plan and run conference room pilot.  Upon completion of conference room pilot, we begin the conversion processes of your version of QAD System.

Our QAD Consultants have performed over 200+ QAD Upgrades across multi-site, multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-language QAD Upgrades for companies of all sizes. 

HiTech Solutions has the expertise QAD Consultants to successfully perform QAD System Upgrades regardless of the size of your company, vertical market or geographic locations.  We work with you to ensure your QAD successful upgrade conversion project is completed on time and on budget.

HiTech Solutions can help you maximize your investment with QAD by providing you QAD Upgrade Services and Solutions from our team of QAD experts.