HiTech Solutions Consultants have performed over 200+ QAD® and Progress® Installations, implementations, upgrades on UNIX, LINUX and WINDOWS operating systems. Our consultants have been working with QAD Applications since 1990.  Our QAD, Progress Consultants are expert with PROGRESS, QAD, UNIX, LINUX, third party software integrations, application development, and custom enhancements.

Our QAD Consultants offers a comprehensive array of services that can be tailored to your specific needs, to help you get the most from your QAD investment.   Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of QAD Applications with industry specific expertise.  Our team of expert QAD consultants can guide and implement industry specific solutions to provide you with an added advantage over your competitors.

Our consultants work closely with your business teams to understanding your business objectives and your business requirements.   We design, develop, deliver and implement your QAD projects on time and within budget.  Our QAD Consultants have years of QAD, Progress, UNIX, Linux and third party integrations to help minimized risk.

HiTech Solutions has an International reputation for providing highly qualified QAD and PROGRESS certified application specialists.  Our consultants have carried out many successful projects in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia for organizations spanning multiple sites, currencies, languages and databases.  Our consultants have helped clients receive Rapid Achiever awards from QAD in recognition of the speed in which their businesses recognized value from QAD implementation. 

Our team of Consultants have successfully assisted the hundreds of organizations with QAD SE / EE and Progress implementations.  HiTech Solutions can help you maximize your investment with QAD Applications. 


Our QAD & Progeress Support Services Includes:

HiTech Solutions can help you maximize your investment with QAD Application by providing you QAD Services and Solutions from our team of QAD experts.