Hitech Solutions Consultants have extensive expertise with QAD® SE / EE Systems.  Our QAD consultants have been performing QAD Assessments for customers for decades.   Due to our in-depth knowledge and understanding of QAD SE / EE Systems we can review your QAD System to determine if it is being utilized to its fullest extent.  We often find that companies are not using QAD Systems to its fullest extent.  HiTech Solutions can provide an expert view of what it will take to implement your QAD enterprise applications such that it can be utilized for maximum investment to help you save time and money.  We provide a realistic cost estimates and schedules.

HiTech Solutions has developed a detailed methodology to assess the current state of a company and how well it is using the QAD System. Several factors are analyzed and key users throughout the company are met for fact-finding and interviewing. Upon completion of the QAD assessment HiTech Solutions provides a written plan on how the use of the system can be improved. We provide reports detailing information for improvements so that your company can realize the benefits quickly and easily. The assessment process is not a lengthy process. This process is intended to produce an assessment report detailing list of improvements and functions that can be implemented to help improve your business processes.

HiTech Solutions can help you maximize your investment with QAD Applications by helping you leverage QAD to its fullest extent from our team of QAD Experts.