QAD OpenEdge Database Administration


HiTech Solutions have expert QAD®, Progress® Database Administrators with over 30 years of Database experience.  Our Senior QAD/Progress Database Administrators can monitor and optimize your database for future business growth.  Engage our top expert QAD Database Administrator who has been recognized as one of the best QAD Database Administrators in the industry.

Our expert QAD Database Administrators delivery high quality, professional database monitoring, database striping, optimizing, integrations and other database support solutions.

HiTech Solutions also offers Data Replication Solutions for your QAD Databases.  Data replication is increasingly important as a means of keeping your QAD Users connected to essential business information and applications.

HiTech Solutions also provides consulting services and solutions for defining application requirements that are essential in creating a successful disaster recovery business strategy.

HiTech Solutions can help you maximize your investment with QAD Databases by providing you with Services and Solutions from our Expert QAD Database Administrators.